Amazonas Explored

Season’s Report 2016/17 - Southern Hemisphere

A massive THANK YOU to Maria Jose, Jacqui, Xavier, Barbara as well as our local staff and of course, all our fantastic volunteers for joining us in this beautiful country this summer. We know it’s  not always easy to find the time and raise the funds.

Please enjoy reading about the group achievements as this will give a complete picture of the vast amount of assistance you have given to the local community - through your generosity!

The work is ongoing and will recommence in April of this year when our first group of North American, British and Irish volunteers arrive to carry on with these vital projects.

Group 1

María José Tapia Cartagena

Our last day in the community all the kids and us had a big surprise.

In the middle of the class another school came to visit the children to play with them, so our volunteers joined as well. They sang a Christmas song, played football and every child made a star to take home. So each volunteer was assigned to work in groups with them. There was a lunch and every child from the visitors' school brought each child a toy. In the afternoon we had the farewell party, dances, good food made by the people of the community to thank the volunteers for the hard work they did.

It was one of the best days for the kids. ''Much joy''.

The school has seven grades and 18 students. It´s a small group of  children, so to work in teaching much better we split in two groups.

Children from 4th – 7th grade know very well:

  • How to spell his name and any word, Numbers 1- 20, colours, days of the week, months of the year.
  • What is your name?, How old are you?, What is your favourite colour?, what day is it today?, what   month is it?
  • Also to make fun the classes we made some crafts, played some games and some English songs. Children tungth them a Spanish song too J
  • Christmas was coming soon so we made a Christmas tree to decorate the classroom. 
  • 5 toylets were painted

Dario Xavier Rosero Cartagena

This group was very strong, everyone had fun and enjoyed the work. Some days were very hot, but the volunteers were very willing to finish their objective, and on the last day the volunteer Sam gave us a demonstration about his culture the dance was VERY intense full of energy, personally I was very impressed by that demonstration.

We did it: we finished four bathrooms.

  • the first the second and the third only needed to make walls plaster and put the fittings,
  • The fourth was just hollowed out so, then we had to make walls in the septic tank, septic tank top , The floor of the bathroom, the walls of the bathroom, and this completely finished,
  • also dig three new holes of which, one is almost finished only missing accessories, the two are echo septic tank walls and bathroom floor, and The three is only the hole. For this we had to load block, cement, sand and gravel.

Group 2

María José Tapia Cartagena

Finally Australia’s day was here. So we bought a cake and got many little Australians flags to decorate it. It was super!

I wanna thanks to Lucy English for your donation (volunteer from last season, 3rd group). With your help it was possible buy some paint to finish painting the school. The teacher and students are very happy.

Also I wanna thanks personally all this amazing group for you donation to buy dog food and the sterilization for two dogs.

Teaching at the school was fun.

The last day the teacher of the school wanted to participated in our English class because he wanted to give a score each student. So I made a list with some questions in English to ask each student:

  • What is your name?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your favourite colour?
  • What day is it today,
  • What month is it?
  • numbers 1- 100

They answered very well, a bit nervous but at the end it was an excellent time with the teacher, students and volunteers.

The last day we painted two toilets and volunteers were very happy to see the finished stage of their work.


Dario Xavier Rosero Cartagena

It was a great group. We enjoy work a lot despite the weather was crazy. The volunteers did their work to perfection and every day there was sun and rain and it rained all night.

For that reason every day checked that the holes are safe without any weirdos, and one day I went and did not realize that a child was behind me, and the child pushed me into the hole full of water hahaha now is fun!

The volunteers did:

  • They dug three holes
  • Finished the two bathrooms that were in the middle before,
  • built the walls of two septic tanks,
  • Built three septic tank tops, including one of the new hollows,
  • made the floor of another bathroom and the base of the septic tank, and loaded all the material.

Group 3

María José Tapia Cartagena

This season was the best for me, I’m happy to meet good people, without them nothing of this will be possible.  Thank you very much guys for coming and for all your help.

We spent a fun morning playing carnival with students and volunteers, balloons filled with water and Carioca foam were flying in the air. Much fun.

I wanna thanks specially to Chantelle Eikelboom for your donation to buy some stuff for the children  at the community. Also I wanna thanks my colleague Jacquie who helped me to collect the money to buy medicine for the dogs and sterilized. 

  • With the volunteers we did a review of all the topics that we teach to the children this season, each theme was given with a game or song. J
  • Three toilets were painted and given to the families.
  • We also painted the outside walls of the school, just as the name of the school was painted too.
  • In the construction the volunteers had to work hard because the holes were with water and every day they had to start again.

Dario Xavier Rosero Cartagena

With this group the work and activities were very normal, only we had to leave as advanced as possible and cover the septic tanks so that the next season the bathrooms are in good condition, the group work and met the goal and we all felt As in family.

The last day of work was special because I think that we were all with mixed feelings we felt happy to have done the job and a little sad to have to say goodbye to the children.

  • They dug two holes
  • Composed another hole that collapsed by the rains That was like digging again because it was so much mud.
  • Build walls in three septic tanks,
  • Made the bathroom floor and septic tank base in four houses.