Please note positions are highly limited for positions in our 2018 - 2019 programs so submit your application early to secure the best chance of travelling with VESA this season.

Amazonas Explored 2018 - 2019

Amazonas Explored  Road Less Travelled


Nov 25th – Dec 11th 2018

Arrive Australia - Dec 19th 2018


Jan 17th – Feb 2nd 2019

Arrive Australia - Feb 10th 2019


Jan 31st – Feb 16th 2019

Arrive Australia - Feb 24th 2019

Fiji Islands Discovered 2018 - 2019

Fiji Islands Discovered


Nov 18th – Dec 1st 2018


Dec 2nd – Dec 15th 2018 


Jan 6th – Jan 19th 2019


Jan 20th – Feb 2nd 2019

South Africa Unearthed 2018 - 2019

South Africa Unearthed

Road to Mozambique


Nov 17th – Dec 2nd 2018

Arrive Australia  –  Dec 7th 2018


Nov 30th – Dec 15th 2018

Arrive Australia  –  Dec 20th 2018


Jan 4th – Jan 19th 2019

Arrive Australia  –  Jan 24th 2019


Jan 17th – Feb 1st 2019

Arrive Australia  –  Feb 6th 2019

Southeast Asia Encountered 2018 - 2019

Southeast Asia Encountered


Nov 24th - Dec 8th 2018


Jan 5th - Jan 19th 2019 - FULL

VESA 2018 - 2019 Itineraries


Health and Safety

A serious attitude to a serious subject.

Travelling with VESA

Our VESA volunteer program directors are travel veterans with years of experience travelling in most parts of the world and each of our locations have been carefully selected to both maximise the impact of our assistance to the local community and to ensure the  enjoyment and safety of our volunteers who are mostly young people from universities and colleges around the world.

All VESA staff members are fully trained in first aid

VESA’s leaders have all undergone first aid training which is updated as necessary. A full first aid kit is kept with our staff member at all times – on volunteer work and on all our adventure activities.


VESA recommends that you visit a travel doctor or your local medical practitioner for advice on. VESA takes every measure possible to minimize risks in all aspects of the program

Risk Assessments and Local Knowledge

All activities and volunteer work sites are thoroughly vetted for their safety and risk assessments are undertaken on all adventure activities and tour providers. Where necessary security is utilised and professional guides who are familiar with the cultural customs, wildlife, flora and geography are employed directly by VESA.

Help is never far away

Our volunteering base in Ecuador has a nearby medical clinic and there is a full International standard hospital 30 minutes away by car. Tena also has private doctors available. Our Ecuador manager lives in a nearby town with her Ecuadorian husband, speaks fluent Spanish and knows the area well. You will always be in safe hands.

While on your volunteer program in Fiji, large local and private hospitals are a short drive away. On the islands there are small medical clinics that can be visited.

St Lucia, our home away from home in South Africa has hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, just a stone’s throw away from our accommodation. St Lucia is a gated community and our Hostel employs 24 hour security.

While on your volunteer program in Laos, there is a private clinic in Vientiane and there are small local medical clinics that can be visited.

Safety in numbers

For many of our volunteers, this is the first time overseas. Our programs are a great opportunity for first time travellers to experience new cultures, widen their horizons and develop a taste for world travel whilst having the security of experienced guides and the knowledge they are travelling as a ‘team’!


Frequently Asked Questions

I am only 17, can I still come?

All participants must be 18 by the date of departure. If you are 17 now but will be 18 by the date of departure you may send in your agreement however it must be signed by your parent or guardian.

I already graduated/am not a student! Can I still come?

Sure, not a problem! All we ask from our participants is that you come with an open mind and a desire to make a difference. Please note however that the majority of our participants are university students and range in age from 18-24yo.

I'm a vegetarian! Is that a problem?

No, not at all. Please let us know on your application if you are Vegetarian or if you have any other dietary requirements. If you are Vegan or have Celiac disease, you are welcome to come, however you may be responsible for purchasing some of your food whilst on the program.

For country specific questions, please see the links below:


Travel Insurance

Please note that all VESA participants must have medical insurance to travel on our program. VESA reserves the right to refuse any participant whom can not produce evidence of medical travel insurance at the commencement of the program. 

Please visit COMPARE TRAVEL INSURANCE for a list of insurance companies in Australia to compare policies.

Travel Insurance

Pre Project Support

VESA understands the importance of pre departure support. VESA provides project participants with a number of emails and updates covering everything from what to pack, what to expect, assistance in booking flights, insurance, vaccinations to what the weather will be like and gift suggestions for your host family or locals.

Volunteer Eco Students Abroad mantains offices both in the Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere and our phones are manned 24/7. Emails are generally answered within 24 hours.

Here is a list of emails that are sent to upcoming participants on a VESA project

Email Title Content Attachments
1 Confirmation of project after deposit received
Advice of timeline for group flights, payment schedule, itinerary
Fundraising guide and fundraising support information
Booking form for extension program
Details of project or tour and cost
Welcome to the VESA community
Advice: Group Flights, independent flights, passport and visas, insurance, Vaccinations

Group Flight booking form
Instructions on how to join VESAs group flight, cost, deposit amount and flight schedules
Booking Form
Facebook email
Links to Facebook discussion groups for each program

6 Invoice
Invoice #, program dates, amount received, amount owing, due date

7 Travel Information 1
Check list for due dates program and flights, passports, e-tickets, Travel insurance, medical form
What to Bring, Itinerary, Gift guide for hosts, Money/currency guide, optional actives price list
8 Travel Information 2
Reminders for: Passports, visas, flights, e-tickets, vaccinations, Travel Insurance. Emergency contact numbers, meeting point details
What to Bring, Interne and phone info, itinerary
9 Invoice due reminder
For those not paid

10 Group finalised and ready to go (45 days prior)
Advice on how many in group, e-ticket info, Facebook reminder, meet up details, currency/bank advice
Gift ideas, Optional extras
11 Important Pre-departure email (14 days prior)
Don’t forget passport and copy of insurance, in-country staff phone numbers ICE, meeting at departure airport advice, check in time advice, baggage allowance, packing advice, customs and declaration cards, meeting details on arrival in country, consulate contact details ICE, ATM instructions, meeting instructions for those not on the Group Flight,
What to Bring, Itinerary, Gift guide for hosts, Money/currency guide, Optional activities price list

In Country Support

VESA is aware that for some of our participants this may be their first experience abroad or even away from their families. Should our volunteers have any queries or need any assistance while on program there will always be someone nearby to help. We are definitely there to make the volunteers have the best possible experience.

The students are supervised and accompanied on all volunteer work, activities. overnight accommodation and in country transportation by a VESA staff member.

VESA also provides

  • Emergency in country number of our program leader for nominated contact person
  • Notification of safe arrival in country to nominated contact person
  • 24 hr VESA office contact number 

Post Project Support

Whilst VESA programs are short term opportunities they are part of a long term project with specific goals. To see how your hard work and support contributed to our projects in Construction, Education and Conservation VESA provides the following support and the following opportunities after your program concludes:

  1. Group Review – Our Project Leaders put together an evaluation of each’s groups achievements which is emailed to all participants within 1 2 weeks of returning to your home country
  2. Season Report – Our Project Manager compiles a timeline and report of the achievements of the entire season (May - August & Nov – Feb) You can see how your groups contribution assisted the long term project be it building a new school, a breeding enclosure for endangered species or teaching different age groups basic English, sanitation and environmental concepts
  3. Certificate of Completion – Whether you’ll need it for a resume, for Academic Credit or to put on wall – VESA provides a personalised certificate of completion to all participants within two weeks of the conclusion of their Project
  4. Employment Opportunities – VESA participants are our future Office staff, Project Leaders, Conference team, Student Promoters and Global Promoters. VESA hires four times a year in January, March, June and October. All past participants are contacted with the available opportunities and are encouraged to submit an application

Go on, step into an adventure that will change your life!

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